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I think the tide is slowly turning. You can't fool all of the people all of the time. I'm really encouraged by the user posts that are popping up over at, and other blog sites.

Two years ago anyone who said anything about anti-piracy as an "out of touch dinosaur who didn't learn how to adapt and evolve". Anyone who was against Spotify "just doesn't understand the landscape for music has changed".

Now I read with interest an almost equal amount of post from young musicians who have become aware of the web 2.0 lie, that piracy is NOT promotion, and spotify is as bad a land grab as any has ever seen.

Musicians if anything have an audience by definition. As more musicians and professionals use the their platform to counter the disinformation talking points with our own, the better off we are.

One of the most impactful things we can do is a top 10 list of talking points to counter all of the disinformation...

see here:

Music piracy - ten inconvenient truths

and here:

those are both useful, but we really need something much more to the point for the non-downloader. Basically something that clearly enuncuates that SOPA doesn't impact civil rights and information censorship beyond what is already considered illegal. The biggest fight is not going to be from actual Copyright abusers it will be from Teachers, and people who think they are basically denying Corporate abuse of the awesome proletarian Internet-

its all message and its all propaganda. If their lies are directly and succinctly challenged and shown to be baseless, the listeners will get it....However that crowd so desperately believes that Apple and Google are the Corporate version of Ghandi and MLK that they have no idea of the reality of what either is doing.