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You misunderstood me: I was referring to my previous post: the artists have also made promotional videos for Megaupload. Probably I didn't wrote it correctly,("individual advertisement videos"), sorry!
Btw, those are some of the videos, from the Megaupload home page:
Will I Am
Alicia Keys
Puff Diddy
Snoop Dogg
Chris Brown
Kanye West
Jamie Foxx
Serena Williams
The Game
Mary J Blidge

BTW, Megaupload is suing Universal
The misunderstanding here is by Megaupload. What they don't understand is that it doesn't matter if they paid for the recordings and the video. If an artist/act signs a recording contract with a record label, everything that artist/act does during the period of that contract belongs to that label regardless of who paid for it and the label has the right to say if it gets released or shelved. The only "exception" to this is a person like George Clinton who signs contracts for different acts which he leads with different labels, but the legal language to pull this off is very, very tricky and you can bet cash money that none of the artists involved here have any such contracts. (AFAIK Clinton was able to do it because his only relationship under his own name with the labels was as a freelance producer/manager - the actual contracts were under the name of the acts specifically.)

Megaupload is going to get their ass beat on this one.