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Part of the problem, Charles, as i see it;

Is that the some of the ones profiting from piracy (beyond the pirates and MegaUpload crimelords) are Masters in the realm of advertisment.
Not to mention they have more info on the public than the NSA probably does..
Though, we do have the film industry as a counterpoint, messages coming from them are learned to be discarded as "the enemy". (ie, they fit the 'Big Content' description the pirates rally around)

they [Google et al] have been data-mining every facet of peoples' lives for over a decade. They know what buttons to push to get people on their side.

Not to take away from your premise, i agree with it wholeheartedly. Just that we need to be prepared to fight a dragon, not the tabby-cat in the alley.

(i dunno if i made my point adequately.. i'm in a hurry atm, i'll bbl)