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Old 31st August 2003
Drum wars? The biggest drum sound ever????

OK, Nickleback, Creed, Train etc - big American FM rock / Pop blockbuster rock acts recently got into a 'who's got the biggest (natural) drum - room sound' competition a while ago....

You know the type, take quasi hip hop rock beats recorded with huge drum room ambience ala Led Zeps "Kashmir", add a dash of croaky tobacco auctioner vocal & add slabs of Dual Rectumfryer powerchords on the choruses...

I am doing a track sort of like that right now... (but hipper! )

I realised:

the drum patterns are critical, simple / hip hop with funky grace note rolls

So is the drummer, a hard 'rim hit' everytime is ideal to 'spank' the room sound

Running the snare through a Sans Amp really helps exaggerate the 'ragged hip hop / grace note' sound

I compressed the room sound with 2 x Distressors to be nicely in rythem with the track....

I also recorded single drum hits to perhaps trigger later...

So anyone got any tips or tricks?