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I might have kicked the hornets nest with the facebook post-

here is the last post to those anti-SOPA folks.... this was in regards to sites being blocked.....

how much of your work is on pirate bay Jory? the action against infringing sites is such say that, someone types in "Charles Maynes Signature Series pirate bay" google would not return a result. I see that as a win. At present, those sites are making significant ad revenue by people going to them to download music, films, and software- if a complaint is lodged against them to the AG, the AG can then investigate, and order domestic ISP's to block sites which are demonstrably trafficking in infringing materials. Free speech is not being effected here, unless you count theft to be free speech- I looked through the Bill of Rights, and couldnt find it as a protected action.

I have a feeling its going to be a long night.....

please wish me good vibes....