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I just posted this on my facebook page-

To my industry friends- if online piracy is important to your work (which it surely is) please write your representitives and ask them to support the SOPA act which is going into committee soon- It is terribly important to derail pirates, and they need to know that it has a very serious impact on our communities. in the 818 area code, Adam Schiff is a sponsor for the bill, and you are welcome to "like" my request that he would host a local townhall meeting to discuss the matter and our collected concerns.

I also posted a similar message on Nancy Pelosi's page....
so my facebook page is getting a lot of comments already-

I just posted this in response to people thinking SOPA would break the Internet and bring about martial law (thats my exaggereation)

SOPA is going through Markup presently- the supporters are in the process of honing that language whch is at best vague, but is being tightened up to protect both whistleblowers and free speech. The bottom line is that theft is not free speech, and for these sites to profit from it costs us dearly- both in the price of doing business, and in both having our own work stolen, but then having the likes of Pirate Bay make ad revenue from them- SOPA is about eliminating that. Read the act your self, it is not what you are hearing about in the media- it is very different, and it will protect the content creator in ways our present laws cant.