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this just went out to Mike Antonovich- (LA County Board of Supervisors)

Mr Antonovich, I am writing on my behalf, and the thousands of entertainment industry workers in Los Angeles in requesting your consideration of a County resolution supporting the combatting of media piracy, the SOPA act (co-sponsored by Rep Adam Schiff) is entering markup in the House Judiciary Committee, and a strong statement from Los Angeles County government supporting the efforts of the SOPA act would have weight in those hearings, as the center of the world film and TV industry and a primary center of the Music Industry, this act will provide substantial relief to us- please consider this as we are truly being killed by online piracy.....

I also mailed a friend of mine who is a Burbank City Councilman requesting a similar resolution- since Burbank is home to Warner Brothers, Disney, and has Universal Studios as well as Technicolor as major contributors to our local economy, I have high hopes of seeing a resolution happen.