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There is hope on the loudness wars..

I had a meeting with a pretty high up A&R at a major label. He and I talked about a lot of stuff, but one thing that came up was how loud records are mastered. I told him what we all say about how loud music is getting and how it is getting ridiculous. He agreed, and he doesnt like it either.

He went on to say he had Sterling do an album for him and actually asked them to master it at a lower volume then the first version that they sent. He loves Sterling and respects the hell out of those guys, but he is getting sick of the overly squashed sound too. Plus he said the point that "when it goes to radio, it will get squashed even more anyway".

Anyway, it was all stuff that we say on here, and so I really think a lot of people are getting sick of hearing bad sounding records..even the guys that sign bands now. A good reason for this is the many poorly mastered demos (too crushed) that they receive. After a while that whole sound gets old, and when it goes to radio it sounds ridiculous.

So...I thought I'd post because I think a misconception is that all record guys want really loud mixes that sound like ass, and I can safely say that is not true, and the loudness trend seems like it is peaking out right now.