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it's always interesting to see how these pan out - funny the charlie sheen online experiment from earlier this year this wasn't noted... personally, I think ALL PAID MODELS should be explored. I'm not particularly worried about artists of any kind doing it for themselves, I hope they do, and the more the better.

I think Spotify is really bad. The ROI just isn't there. It was/is an interesting idea, but not executed well enough to be sustainable. Tried it. Doesn't work... Next...

I'm pro choice. Every artist should have the CHOICE of how to conduct their business. For some that will be within the industry, for some outside of it, and for many probably some combination of the two.

What bothers me about Piracy is that it REMOVES the CHOICE from that artist to make those decisions for themselves.

Piracy is a massive disruption to the marketplace which should not be tolerated is it is counter productive to everyone except those who profit from it illegally.
there is no reasonable excuse for theft. that idea that piracy is a matter of choice is really an indication of how far the society is messed up.