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so shouldnt Universal sue its artists who were in the video for breach of contract?

I don't think it works that way. AFAIK there's nothing in a contract to say who you record with, just who puts it out, but I'd really have to run it by a lawyer to be certain.

I'm sure UMG isn't happy with them though.

For example there's a lot of archived material by acts like Hendrix and The Stones that has never been released due to contractual difficulties, and in the '60s and '70s artists like Dylan and Mike Bloomfield made many pseudonymous appearances on other artist's albums on other labels where they didn't use their real names for contractual reasons. (Bloomfield = Makel Blumenfeld, Dylan=Blind Boy Grunt, etc.) It's the "product name" attached to the contract.

If those UMG stars had used pseudonyms there would be no problem - but that would kinda diminish the point, wouldn't it?