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Originally Posted by charles maynes View Post
I work on studio lots a lot.

I dont see that. I usually see people who are concerned with their own success. That appears to always be priority one, even above loyalty to their patrons.
Of course. It hasn't happened yet. I'm referring to the wind changing so those exact people measure their success a little differently, as much of it is built on what other people think of them/how other people see them. The biggest if not only reason to drive a Merc anyhow. So if being seen in one suddenly gets embarrasing and a symbol of being a theft supporting arsehole........admittedly the wind would have to change a lot, plus the actual scorpions built more on plain power and not really giving a f*** what others think of them will not change at all.

But this whole piracy thing and our world wide banking crisis pretty much combine to a climate that questions a lot of previously unquestioned stuff. So some sort of change/growth in the greater morality being a result once the wind is through isn't such a strange thought in the context. Whatever you call it. Call it morality might become fashionable for a while, if you will. ...