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I heard the piece on NPR with Levine and all that he conceded was that "parts of the bill were perhaps to vague and should be more specific"... I'll concede he was replying to comments about free speech, but he also responded to the notion of possible abuse when his opponent could quote only two known instances of abuse of current copyright law in the context feared from SOPA... as Levine says, that's a pretty damn good law with only TWO abuses in 13 years... so again I think perspective is important in this conversation to maintain some sense of reality.

Although I could be mistaken, everyone get more info and/or listen here:

Internet Piracy: Will SOPA Change the Web as We Know It? - To the Point on KCRW

KCRW | 89.9FM - Media Player

thanks for posting that Rack Gear- it was the program I am referring to-

the main point is that he articulated that it could be refined, without losing its power. Thats all I am interested in-

There have been very few laws that have been perfect- and SOPA is like that- it may have the protections that are needed, but at the same if there is suitable blind spots regarding Civil Liberties it could very well be declared unconstitional, and anulled- and as you, John, Terry and others have said often, Google has in essence all the money in the world to attack the bill- both before and after it might become law- I just cant see giving them the ground to do so.