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thats going to be a tough sell though, in fact, I would say that that is an impossible vision- as NO legislation goes through without various crap being attached to it- It seems Levene knows the language which needs to be worked on as far as the Civil Liberties issues are concerned, at least so he says- And he acknowledged that there were shortcomings in it- he thought they could be fixed during Markup.

But I dont think the corporations who are being targeted need any concessions.
I heard the piece on NPR with Levine and all that he conceded was that "parts of the bill were perhaps to vague and should be more specific"... I'll concede he was replying to comments about free speech, but he also responded to the notion of possible abuse when his opponent could quote only two known instances of abuse of current copyright law in the context feared from SOPA... as Levine says, that's a pretty damn good law with only TWO abuses in 13 years... so again I think perspective is important in this conversation to maintain some sense of reality.

Although I could be mistaken, everyone get more info and/or listen here:

Internet Piracy: Will SOPA Change the Web as We Know It? - To the Point on KCRW

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