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and I intend on getting to them- I have a growing stack of screeners I need to get through as well for the awards season. That being said, SOPA goes FAR beyond the record industry- and the needs of the record industry are not its singular concern. As a media professional I am taking that into account.
Concerns about "not going too far" are what ruined the DMCA.

I am pretty successful actually, and I won Emmys for my work the last two years, as well as being party to a couple of Academy Awards too. I have been in the industry for around 20 years, and it has been my sole source of income for the last 18. So again- I think I might be qualified to speak on the issue since it directly affects me.

And I actually stand behind my words with my real identity too.
With all due respect, Charles, as a highly successful person working on award winning projects )I submit that the issue actually affects you very little. Certainly not nearly as much as those of us for whom piracy can mean the difference between moderate profitability and bankruptcy.

And as a sound effects editor do you receive royalties (points on the film) or do you receive a flat fee? The latter, I would guess.....

It seems to me that piracy probably doesn't touch you DIRECTLY at all.