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Old 24th May 2006
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making things LESS punchy

Now that i've learned to pick phatter and fuller drum sounds from the start, i'm finding myself more and more making drums less punchy. I've really spent a lot of sweat learning how to use compression. i've studied great recordings to check out the compression, even to the point where i'm trying to hear what compressors are being used and what time settings are used. i used to be a the kinda guy who eq'd to death, but now that i'm getting a good grasp on compression, i don't reach from eq nearly as much.

anyways back on topic. i was curious how many of you guys find yourselves taking some attack off of drums? and what compressors are you loving for this task?
i'm big on the 1176 right now. i just dig the way it operates.

oh yeah, check out the GateComp that comes with the UAD cards. MAN instant punchy snares.

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