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Originally Posted by chrisso View Post
No, not really mistaken.
What is mistaken is to claim the RIAA 'ARE the record industry'. They ARE NOT.
The record industry is extremely broad, and both the independent sector and European labels (eg: UK) have contributed a great deal to the quality of output, and as far as i can tell generally have a different attitude to the RIAA.
So I can't really emphasise this enough. You are saying they 'ARE the record industry' then saying you meant they are the record industry in America where this legislation is being debated.
You are confusing the debate by making incorrect statements.
The standards i think we should all use is to make clear commentary, not cloudy commentary, or dare i say it, UScentric commentary.
Chris, I agree with you, but we are talking about US law, not international law, and it does indeed effect the US market more than any other. As to the internation Recording industry having at part in that conversation- since many labels are international in there makeup, The RIAA does at least seem to be the 2000 pound elephant in the room.