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A solution now is impossible. It is being worked on- but there is a procedure attached to lawmaking. Let it be done.
do you think I have some kind of magical influence over congress? I'm flattered, but I just don't have that kind of power...

sure, I'm active on several different levels, but none of them have any direct influence on what is happening... I have no choice than to let it be done, the same as you!

on some points you and I simply disagree, on others you are misinformed.

either way, the debating of such things only serves to express more points of view to the many lurkers who visit this forum - many of whom have very little understanding of the business and it's history that has lead us here.

in the years I've been posting here I've seen a slow steady turn of the tide, whereby more an more musicians are learning about their rights, what they can do, and the actions to take to empower themselves in one of the most disempowered era's since the beginning of the record business as we understand it today.

we've gone backwards, not forwards, and those reading here should fully understand what is at stake for those who have any desire what so ever to have any kind of professional career.

the hobbyist is another issue all together, and nothing wrong with that, but it is a different conversation than one had by professionals and those who aspire to be.