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Originally Posted by drmmrboy
Dude, you have an R88? Isn't the R88 a stereo R84..?? (someone correct me if I'm wrong)
Originally Posted by warhead
The R88 that I spent time with sounded like it was tuned somewhere between the R92 and R84. Beautiful mic. War
They R88 and R84 don’t sound the same to me either. Seems high end is different
(But was a good point that will have me listening more closely to both the R84 and R88).

From AEA homepage:

The AEA R88 is a Blumlein pair of Large Ribbon Geometry (LRG) elements enclosed in a sleek package. It's motor design is derivative of the acclaimed R84 motor with improvments in the high-end response, which was itself inspired by the design of the venerated RCA 44. The R88 is optimized for natural frequency response and precise stereo imaging. It's large ribbon geometry design inherits the extended bass of the classic R44 and critically acclaimed R84 microphones. The clean and smooth treble of the R88 is very flattering to complex tones such as woodwinds, strings, and cymbals. The R88 is an excellent orchestral and choral recording microphone, and shines on studio applications such as horn sections and drum overheads as well.