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really, it seems to me you want to either 1) wait for IP protection, or 2) propose an unworkable idea ... again, we just disagree on what we want.

you can say we want the same thing, but if that were true we wouldn't be having this conversation.
I want the sites shut down- I dont really care how-

As I said, Levene admitted the current language of the act need to be improved regarding civil rights freedoms- piracy is not a civil right. He said he expected that language to be fixed in Markup- I think thats great, and I fully endorse the bill if those protections are in place.

If those protections are not in place, I am a lot less supportive of it- There we can respectfully agree to disagree- but the IP protection in the sense of commecially released, and work being developed for commercial exploitation I am all for protecting to the most extreme measures.

thats it.

If the language is fixed, I am all in- with no reservation.