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but that's not true. you clearly want a DIFFERENT outcome... so therefore we disagree.

again, not true and I would say the same to you.

I want a solution that can be done now, versus waiting out another 13 years of damages listening to the same people who have been telling us to wait for the last 13 years...

says you
ok- tell me the outcome you think I want....

A solution now is impossible. It is being worked on- but there is a procedure attached to lawmaking. Let it be done.

You yourself wrote how RIAA ****ed the record industry... last I checked, they pretty much ARE the record industry..... so what does that say? It says they were not prepared to advocate for a solution that would protect their interests- and thats with the "smartest people in the room" at an expense of several million dollars that was paid for on the artists backs.... I would say that maybe that would be a reason to not rush too quickly into a "solution".... the last one seemed to pour gasoline instead of water onto the problem from what I am hearing in this discussion.

There is a great quote John Cleese made in one of the Bond films- "Its better to be smarter than you look, than look smarter than you are".