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Like I said, there are those of us with skin in the game, and that's a different reality than being on the sidelines, or so removed from the actual economics of the issue for it to be meaningless.

you say I'm alienating others, but really, I'm alienating you, and largely because we disagree - so what.
well if you are happy to alienate fellow industry professionals who wish the same outcome as you, I would say arent thinking things through.

I really couldn't tell though if you are fellow professional, because I have no idea of who you might be- We have this sort of discussion in the post forum often with people who refuse to identify themselves- John and Bob identify themselves- I obviously identify who I am, because I take responsibility for my ideas and my comments- I sometimes am penalized for that as well-

I have clearly stated I have been victimized by pirating- and I can also say that since I have actually made a reasonable amount of money from MY products, which had my name attached to them- not as a peripheral worker for hire. I can surmise through the standard John said elsewhere that my work HAS been pirated- though I quite awre of it even here in Hollywood.

Also, as politics is the art of compromise, the idea of this myopic posture is telling me that you arent really serious about making a practical solution vs an idealized one.

talk is cheap, especially if its anonymous.