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No Honestly I am working on a film right now,
so am I, two actually!

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and am only poking in here from time to time while my computer is occupied doing tasks-

As far as being qualified to comment- I am a constituent to the issue- I work directly in the entertainment industry and have my products pirated already, if that isnt enough qualification, I dont really know what bar has to be reached.

And I post under my real name as well.
good for you!

I'd say having an understanding of the history and dynamics of the issue would be a good qualifier, seriously.

I get you are a sound effects editor, and a reasonably successful one - awesome.

Not sure you actually have alot (or any) experience in the actual record business though, or even understand the history of events that have lead us to where we are now... which is why I have recommended the two books that could educate you and fill in the gaps in your knowledge.