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We've had 13 years of patience, it's time for change. This is how lawmaking works (or doesn't) and waiting any longer isn't going to change the fabric of what happens in Washington.

Two years ago on this board someone bet me that IP theft was such a non issue that it would NEVER even be addressed with new legislation. I'm glad to say that person was wrong.

The wild west wasn't wild for ever Charles, and neither will the internet be. There is absolutely no reason why the laws and standards that govern the physical world should be any different in the virtual one.

Some crafty people have figured out how to make a fortune in the time it takes for the law to catch up, but hey, history repeats itself...

Oh, and by the way, you should read Levin's book and Jaron Lanier's as well and step away from soundbite culture for a few minutes to educate yourself on the larger landscape of what is really at stake.
How long did the CRA take- and at what cost? was it worth it- I think so.

My point being, I dont think legislation which would replay the DMCA's shortcomings is going to do anyone any favors. And if a year of refinement- which is all they have, makes for a more robust law, it will be worth the wait.

And your last comment is exactly why you shouldnt be the person advising Congress....