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Here is the message I got.....obviously no free upgrade offer for me but I have had 6 since it first came out.

Originally Posted by Audio Ease;


Good news and bad news.
Soon you will receive word about Altiverb 7 as we plan to release it this week. This release however will be Mac only, although the PC version is in the works.

We have decided not to postpone release of the Altiverb 7 Mac version until the Windows version is ready. Unfortunately we cannot tell you yet when Altiverb 7 for Windows will be available. However, your upgrade to version 7 will be free of charge in case you purchased in January 2010 or later. For the time being Altiverb 6 will remain being sold for the Windows platform.

In case you want to respond, please direct your mail to [email
[email protected][/email] to ensure the swiftest possible answer.

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