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It's not the brown gunk, which is just some kind of glue. The problem is almost certainly a broken/ cold/ dry solder joint that you are temporarily "fixing" by moving the caps around while trying to clean the glue off. One trick you can try is gently rocking the caps back and forth in the direction of the leads. Use the band marking the negative end of the cap to get your should be rocking the cap towards and then away from the band. A cap with a broken solder joint will rock, that is, come up from the board on the loose end. Note that ALL the caps will rock from side-to-side, so make sure you are going the right way. Re-capping the unit "fixes" this problem because you are making new solder joints when installing the new caps. It's not a bad idea to re-cap, but may not be necessary. Yamaha used good caps...I have very, very rarely come across a failed cap in a piece of Yamaha gear, but I have seen lots of broken solder joints because of their nasty single sided phenolic circuit boards.