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thomasdf did you manually check each cap and resistor and part with a meter to make sure it was working and then find the l5 as the faulty one???
I guess you might have fixed a problem by cleaning off the brown gunk, if maybe the cap had leaked a bit and the leakage caused a short or something. I think the brown gunk is just aged glue and not necessarily a problem. Cleaning it off and chipping it away is nevertheless a fine idea.

I found myself with 4 dead SPX90s and fixed them all the same way: simply replaced all the electrolytic caps in the power supply unit. Even if a single cap is the culprit, those caps are pushing 30 years old and ready for a change.

For that matter it doesn't hurt to recap the whole thing (electrolytics only, that is). Particularly those around the inputs and outputs.

But as Ike warns there are lethal voltages in there so if you don't know what you're doing, learn how to discharge a cap before you get started.