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Originally Posted by matt thomas ➡️
I haven't got the email yet. It's not ilok2 only is it?

No it's iLok1 also.

The email I receive was for those who recently bought AV6 and get the free upgrade to V7.

I'm sure everyone else will get the AV7 announcement email shortly.
That's the email I received:
Altiverb 7 will be ready real soon (end of this week), check it out:

Since you purchased after we annouced 7, you get the upgrade for free !

Altiverb 7 will be Mac only and it requires an iLok key.

According to our records you currently have a hard disk based challenge/response authorization for Altiverb 6. You can order an Altiverb 7 box with manual and an iLok key at Audio Ease for 30 EUR/35 USD incl. shipping (iLok keys cost $49.95 ex shipping elsewhere) once Altiverb 7 is released. Of course you can also order an iLok usb key ahead at your preferred pro audio dealer right now. Both iLok usb keys version 1 and 2 are supported. Many authorizations can be stored on a single key, so if you have one already for another product, possibly Pro Tools, you can use that iLok key for Altiverb 7 as well.

Best regards,

Audio Ease BV"