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Hi Max, while your answering some questions, can you please tell me, since the free trade agreement between Australia and the USA why Apogee gear is twice the price here in Australia?? I mean our dollar is only 25% less, Apogee are losing alot of sales in Australia because of this extreme pricing. A Rosetta 800 192k can be bought at Sweetwater for $2695 while in Sydney Australia they want $5245 for a 96k version and still want to charge for the upgrade to 192k! Can we Australians buy direct from Apogee? Also still have our warranties and other support guaranteed if we do?
Although I doubt it would work this way I think something needs to be done about the pricing here as alot more people would buy better converters if the price came down a bit, Apogee could lead the way. This is'nt outer Mongolia in Australia we have a thriving music industry and more people would buy better gear if prices came in line with other countries. Our free trade agreement means crap all if Aussies are going to get ripped off like this, Apogee prices have not fallen since the free trade agreement. I'm just enquiring thats all, not flaming anyone, just interested.