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Originally Posted by Max
Not sure how you figured the math, but based on U.S. retail the cost per channel on a Rosetta 800 192K is $187.19. The cost per channel on an AD-16X is $218.44. Remember, the Rosetta 800 has both A/D and D/A....
I didn't compare list prices.
Well, seems I got better deal than usual street price on 16X, so difference per channel BOTH WAYS (means AD + DA) was rather marginal compared to Rosetta 800.
Still, 2 ch converter that is inferior to 16 ch is SHAME

In relation to sound, I prefer Apogee (16X) for rock and pop to Lavry, Mytek and Lynx, but Lynx Aurora 8 is closer to truth than Rosetta 800, same as 2 ch Lavry Blue compared to Rosetta 200.
As it was discussed zillion times on Gearslutz, Big Ben adds some pleasant nuances to both Rosettas, but it costs money and we never came to final truth wheteher Apogee just cleverly exploited effects of BB clocking to (additionally) supecharge sales of Big Ben (probably the most successful Apogee product so far) instead to elevate Rosetta's clocking and analogue input stage to 16X's level.

IMO it's time to replace Rosettas with better design, no matter what sales results show.