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I realize you weren't quoting me, but here's what I figure (street prices)

I think you have to figure the price for each channel of AD and DA since you can't separate the AD from the DA in the Rosetta 800.

I actually ran these figures when I was looking to buy converters.

AD 16x = DA 16x:

3250 + 3250 = 6500 / 16 channels = $406.25 per channel of 16x AD/DA

Rosetta 800:

2700 / 8 channels = $337.50 per channel of R800 AD/DA

Anyway, it's a silly point. It's like saying that since there's a better unit than the Rosetta 800, the Rosetta 800 is bad .

It's the same kind of logic that guys use when they buy gear and then the mfgr improves said gear after they bought it. Like they shouldn't make it better.