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Originally Posted by GYang
This is weird Apogee logic.

Rosetta 200 and Rosetta 800 are both inferior products to 16X series.

1 ch of Rosetta 800 AD-DA costs ~ 350 $
1 ch of 16X AD-DA costs ~360 $

2ch and 8 ch converters do not match 16 ch sonical quality.
Big Ben improves them, still not same.

I can warmly suggest (after having all of them) to forget Rosettas and buy 16X series and if you need smaller number of great quality converter channels go with Lavry Blue, Lynx or Mytek.
Not sure how you figured the math, but based on U.S. retail the cost per channel on a Rosetta 800 192K is $187.19. The cost per channel on an AD-16X is $218.44. Remember, the Rosetta 800 has both A/D and D/A....