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Originally Posted by GYang
I can warmly suggest (after having all of them) to forget Rosettas and buy 16X series and if you need smaller number of great quality converter channels go with Lavry Blue, Lynx or Mytek.
How would you personally describe the sound of the Mytek compared to the Rosetta and the Lavry? I have the Rosetta; it sounds good to me, and seems to translate rock/pop music well. I have listened to the Lavry and to me it sounded more accurate or perhaps "cleaner" than the Rosetta. I have never heard a Mytek. What are your feelings on these three when used on acoustical (piano and vocal strictly) music? I know it can be hard to "describe" the "sound" of converters, but I thought I would ask if you could at least compare these. Oh, and have you ever demoed the Lavry Golds??