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I do and honestly? MIDI in PT is a complete hell compared to what you can do in real MIDI sequencers like Logic or Cubase I suppose.

Thing is, PT is way better than those sequencers in audio editing and processing. But PT started as a digital recorder based on studio application and usage. They later added MIDI. Logic and cubase started the other way round ; MIDI sequencing and then added audio editing and processing.

I must say Logic is a bit the better that can do both tasks very very well. A pitty though that latest versions suffer from stability problems.

I try to use Logic for MIDI arrangements and Pro TOols for mixing and audio editing.

Don't get me wrong. When I say PT is bad for MIDI, I mean you can not do the same task with the same flexibility and speed then in the others. Besides that, a lot is already possible in PT, its stable but its still too clumsy.. I guess it'll be better in time.

My 2cnts.