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Snap Crackle and Pops in my Speakers

I hope I'm not putting this in the wrong forum, but since the high end guys seem to know a lot, I'm putting it here.

I'm running a studio, in a commercial building and every once in a while I'm getting pops and what sounds like morse code coming through my speakers, I have two sets of nearfields and one set of "PA" speakers on the other side of the control for just playback. These two sets of speakers are on two different power switches in the room, and they are hooked up to UPS's but no voltage conditioners or regulators.

I can hear these pops and clicks and sometimes zaps with everything off exept the power amp and the PA, which is self powered, so I don't think it's a bad cable, because it happens even with the mixer disconnected to the amp.

Does this sound like a bad power issue? And if so, what is a good power conditioner that I would find down at the local Guitar Center?