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The last thread is interesting by the use of opposites-- a Royer --"acoustic bass or brass instruments"-- 2 instruments that are polar opposites for acoustic output.

AKG414-- "The 414 is a bland mic but it can work on celli if you have one per stand." Depends on WHICH 414 we're discussing. And does bland means neutral? "One per stand" sounds like studio sound and thinking at work.

There is a reason that Decca tree was not mentioend by Dr Bob-- it is useful mainly for larger ensembles, and getting good results depends on really good mics and experience. Don't go there--- yet. And room mics can be added to any main setup, so I am not understanding ajfarber's comment in connection with a Decca tree.

Perhaps the best thing Dr Bob said was that in classical the room is an instrument also-- never forget that.

The best thing you could do is limit yourself to a stereo pair and get the best results from it. The Shure KSM 141 are good in that they are either omni or cardioid-- excellent for learning. Newer Oktava MC012 with multiple capsules are good budget mics. You might want to consider the Metric Halo ULN as you are a Mac user. About $1200 discounted. Superb micpre and A/D and will nicely accomodate outboard micpres as your budget expands. You will need additianl software for editing/burning as the Metric Halo software (console beta 22) is for record/playback only.