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Old 23rd May 2006
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Anyone using MIDI in Pro Tools?

So let me say I haven't done MIDI stuff in years.I've got a guy who wants to do a
project at the studio.We've got MixPlus there right now.

Anyway he's done sequences in his Motif,some with 16 tracks.He's going to replace some tracks with live players,add players and vox.He wants to be able to change some of the sequence sounds and mix them individually if possible in PT.

So what would be the best way to go about this.We recorded the seq tracks into PT,but since his Motif only has 4 outs we had to do it 4 tracks at a time.Obviously takes alot of time then trying to line up the tracks etc.

Definitely seems like there's a better way.Should I just be doing MIDI tracks in PT?How well is MIDI implemented into PT?

Or should I use a different app for this project?

Thanks for all advice,