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Please don't do this.

I was looking for Quad Eight stuff on eBay.

I came across a nice frame to house units. Auction #7417303752

Now, keep in mind this is a metal frame. Just a frame. No units, no power supply, no other parts to speak of. A metal box, completely empty.

I asked the seller of this unit if anything else was included (such as a power supply, an interfacing backboard, cables, etc...) Maybe it was a stupid question on my part, but I thought I'd ask just to make sure this wasn't better than it really looked.

The response I got (for a question about a metal box):

"No, sorry, what you see is what you get. This is an original Quad
Eight rack from Indigo Ranch Studios in Malibu. They used this
to record countless Neil Young, Korn, Limp Bizkit records, etc."

Now, tell me again how this fine piece of metal is going to make my music sound more like Neil Young, Korn, or Limp Bizkit? Or are you saying I can attract that kind of clientele to my apartment to record? Please...

Sorry if this person frequents these boards, but really, don't try to sell me a metal chassis as being the greatest piece of equipment ever, because it once housed units that the fine engineers at Indigo Ranch may or may not have chosen for the aforementioned artists. The first two words you typed were all I needed.

I get this way too much on eBay.