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Old 23rd May 2006
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Gear found

I stumbled into a new town and a surplus electronics store. Among many things I found some outboard gear in among the meyhim. Problem is I didnt recognise it all. There was an Otari... know what that is... Some Sure SC30's know what they are... some other familiar stuff and then a lot of stuff I didnt know.
Is anything on the folowing list worth getting my hands on?

Dukane (all sorts of stuff amps, mixers etc...)
Tapecaster (these apeared to be preamps...)
Wheelock AA-100
Bogen DMA 160
Lafayette Reverb R777
Ampex (I know what apmex is I just dont know what this thing is. All I coulf find was the moddle # 1441196-020 looked like something you would see in a mastering studio)
Calrad mic prees
TOA 900II A912MK2
Stanton 510

Any help on any of this is great,