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pirated media is generally fairly large in data volume, and almost all internet service providers in the US are moving to a volume based pricing model. Since the providers will be billing against usage, it seems to me they would be wanting to preserve piracy in order for them to maximize their billing- thus, they are now a significant accessory to the crime and financially benefit from it. Thus allowing them to be prosecuted for traffiking in IP theft.

This has been my view for a long time, although Don will tell you differently.
Certainly, Australia has charged for data usage for at least 6 years, and although the price is coming down, the data based contracts are getting bigger and bigger - 50/60 gig per month in a country with a generally slow download net speed and no netflix, Spotify etc....
THe tech companies are attempting to constrict content to their own services, like iCloud, but until they can achieve that, the way they attract people to huge data contracts (and more income) is by looking the other way on illegal streaming and piracy.
The telco regulators reported a huge spike in complaints about mobile devices this year. One of the biggest spikes was complaints about 'surprise' enormous telephone bills. This is because they promote the smart phone and tablet market, but fail to warn people how costly they are to actually use.