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Old 22nd May 2006
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Thanks for comments. First pair will most likely be 84.

There are at least 8 or 9 microphones that I have that I would
love to have a pair. Every time I buy the “second” mic it does
use part of a budget that could good towards another completely
different flavor microphone.

What’s nice about AEA is that they have told me
if I give them the serial number of the microphone that I own they
can send out a matched one. (Through dealer of course).

I have been very happy with the AEAs that I have here:

(1) R84
(1) R92
(1) R88
(1) R44C

I would say that I’m not getting everything I can out of the R88 yet.
(Maybe I’m missing something, but placement seems very critical).

Haven’t had time to try anything but “standard” uses of R44C.