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I am using protools midi for the first time in my life. Things are fine as far as the software is concerned, but my external units are behaving in a bizaar manner. Here is my setup. OSX 10.4.5 , Protools 7.1 cs5, g5 dual 2.5 powerpc, unitor mk 2 midi interface, mpc4000, yamaha motif es8. Here is the basic issue. If protools is off the mpc4000 works as it should. When I trigger the motif it plays only motif sounds (local is off on the motif). When I trigger samples in the mpc i only hear the samples. if I open up protools my midi control seems to take on a life of its own. If i play the keys on the motif it triggers the samples in the mpc and the motif at the same time. This is without a session open or anything. Is my protools midi setup screwed up or is it my audio midi setup? My only work around is to work on the mpc without protools open. I am very new to the protools midi world so any help would be much appreciated