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I'm still not sure what the 'Patriot Act' has to do with the proposed legislation. You keep coming back to that..

Let me pose a question to you:
What are your thoughts on the AntiTrust Laws? (also known as 'Competition Law')
Competition law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Do you or do you not believe that government should help to maintain a fair playing field for markets, when the free market doesn't provide its' own solution?
And wouldn't this bill be in the same vein of thought as AntiTrust Law?
the Patriot act has been invoked in computer fraud cases. It allows for wiretaps and evidence collection which exceeds the legislation proposed against an end user. If we wish to stop piracy, the end user of pirated materials must be a significant target for prosecution.

one point I have been thinking of a lot is this though-

pirated media is generally fairly large in data volume, and almost all internet service providers in the US are moving to a volume based pricing model. Since the providers will be billing against usage, it seems to me they would be wanting to preserve piracy in order for them to maximize their billing- thus, they are now a significant accessory to the crime and financially benefit from it. Thus allowing them to be prosecuted for traffiking in IP theft.