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Unless the bill will be effective, there is no point in passing it. As it stands right now, people would be able to very easily go around the block by using foreign proxies.
Yes, Matt, that's true. And I can assure you pretty conclusively that it will be effective for the greater percentage of the American market because most people can't even be bothered to learn how to set up a simple Bittorrent client properly, let alone configure and use a foreign proxy system. Sure, the hard core will be able to circumvent it pretty easily, but this isn't about the hard core, who will always find a way.

This is about discouraging Joe Six Pack and Hettie Hairspray from engaging in the casual piracy that comprises about 90% of the pirate traffic at this time. Those people are essentially lazy and profoundly uninterested in anything that smacks of being a nerd or hacker. Make it moderately inconvenient for them to pirate and the vast majority would rather just spend the money and not be bothered.

Most people don't even understand what a numerical IP address is. They have difficulty programming the advanced features of a microwave oven. The limit of their technical ability is figuring out what button to push on their multipurpose remote.

This simple fact escapes a lot of the people here because most everybody on this site uses digital audio production to some degree and therefore by definition has at least some degree of technical interest. Even so, I'm regularly amazed by the degree of technical ignorance displayed by some people - and that's on a nominally technical site.