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Sadly enforcement of most criminal and civil law is fraught with great ambiguity, and near capriciousness from the federal government.

As to the Commerce Committee and Judiciary Committee- we can see commerce tending to prevail-

look at the Congress now saying they prefer Torture to be a tool in prosecution of domestic terror suspects and allowing them to be denied the Civil rights- It points at serious archectural problems. I am not intending to compare the matters, but am trying to articulate that the laws we have at present are already being misused- and protections which were seen as absolute, are now considered as provisional. That is a very slippery slope to be on.

I do hope a law emerges which deals with the issue, but we are in murky times. And I think of all the IP to be protected, entertainment is not the one concerning the govt the most.
I agree that there's shady (and sometimes blatent..) dealings and abuses perpetuated by our own government in certain instances.
But that's painting with a pretty broad-brush, don'cha think?
To say that there's bad law(s) out there --doesn't mean every law is bad. Just as there is surely corrupt polititians --doesn't mean that all are corrupt.

I have general concerns too with any legislation, and don't have the highest faith in the fairness of the world-- but to not do anything because 'something' could possibly perhaps go wrong... no one would get out of bed in the morning.

(paraphrase) : "The only thing Evil needs to prevail... is for Good men to do nothing"