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a little common sense could go a long way. we are well on the way to the snake eating it's own tail, and there's an old saying, "you don't miss your water, till your well runs dry".

alot of this plays out in an epic battle between two government agencies, the judiciary committee who is sympathetic to the infringement and protection of IP, and the commerce committee who supports the telecos, tech and ISPs...

I can't recommend enough the new book by robert levine, it does sway towards to pro-IP side of things, but it doesn't pull punches in unraveling the history of how we got here.

Book Review: Free Ride by Robert Levine - Businessweek Free Ride: How Digital Parasites are Destroying the Culture Business, and How the Culture Business Can Fight Back (9780385533768): Robert Levine: Books

and from his blog:
Thoughts on SOPA
Sadly enforcement of most criminal and civil law is fraught with great ambiguity, and near capriciousness from the federal government.

As to the Commerce Committee and Judiciary Committee- we can see commerce tending to prevail-

look at the Congress now saying they prefer Torture to be a tool in prosecution of domestic terror suspects and allowing them to be denied the Civil rights- It points at serious archectural problems. I am not intending to compare the matters, but am trying to articulate that the laws we have at present are already being misused- and protections which were seen as absolute, are now considered as provisional. That is a very slippery slope to be on.

I do hope a law emerges which deals with the issue, but we are in murky times. And I think of all the IP to be protected, entertainment is not the one concerning the govt the most.