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Old 30th November 2011
Here for the gear

Based upon the semi-positive response I saw on this thread with most people completing transactions successfully, I decided to buy a console I had been contemplating through Soundbroker. The morning after placing my order, I received a call from Jan that I couldn't answer right away, so let it go to voicemail. When I checked my voicemail, I found a very condescending message about how I shouldn't buy the board that I want (the same model that I've worked with extensively and have performed maintenance on) because it "won't fit in my car" and because it's supposedly going to break when I lug it around in my car (never my intention, however it's a board designed to be toured). He then tried to sell me some Behringer board that he cites as "amazing" instead. He then sent me an email saying that he can't sell me the console in good faith. I do want the board, but will now wait until the next one I find. He just lost a customer.