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Old 22nd May 2006
Here for the gear

I have a 002 and have clocked it off an Aardsync. I dont do much recording at home, which is where the 02 usually lives, so I can't say that I've noticed the difference between external clocking and internal clocking while tracking. But I have noticed a difference mixing with it on. I'd say the 002 pre's are a bigger bummer than the clock though. They are kinda sucky overall, even if I have gotten usable results. It kinda depends on the music and the source material as to whether they'll meet your needs. If I was doing classical recording though I'd probably opt for some kind of external converter/mic pre combo like you are thinking about. I've actually used the Pre-Sonus Digimax and had ok results. That thing isn't super pricey and gives you 8 channels.

I've done a reasonable amount of semi-high profile live recording (rock bands though) in the last few months with both my 002 and a MIX PLus rig. I have to say neither setup gave me any real problems though I was scared ****less the entire time that something would crash and I'd lose the previous 15 minutes. I just recorded my friend's kid in school with a pair of mics on an old ass G3 400Mhz laptop for a 1/ 2 hour performance with not hiccups at all. So you can do it even with a butt ass computer. You really start experienceing hiccups with reveb plug ins and high track count. Maybe the new Mac Intel laptops will give you an altioverb or something without failing though.
The nerve racking thing about recording live performances with a DAW like ProTools is the fact that you are fuct fuct fuct if something crashes before you have a chance to stop and save. With the Tascam and Mackie hard drive recorders, and of course with the Radar you are completely safe from this kind of fear because those things save as they go rather than buffering the audio until you stop rolling and save.

You might want to check out the new Radar systems which are high sample rate and also have some kind if internal mixing function so you no longer need a board to accompany you while tracking, just your pres. But its also $5k so not exactly cheap, but still perhpas a shade cheaper than an HD rig with I/O and new computer.

The other thing I'd look into if you are only doing stereo classical recordings is the kind of dedicated recording units they use on film shoots. Since I only work in studios I really don't know much about that side of the gear world, but I'd imagine that there might be some very decent stuff at reasonable prices that could meet yer needs and allow you the ability to make a high quality recording and then dump it via a cheap M-Powered option into ProTools for editing/mixing. Just an idea though. Also DA-88's are dirt cheap and dont crash either.