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I'll add that the two I tried (one of which I own; the other one I rented and made me order mine) sound(ed) somewhat different. Both very, very nice though and it's hard to say which I liked best. As a matter of fact, I'd love to own them both.
The rented one sounded very precise in the high frequencies, especially for an LDC, and somewhat tight down below. Mine has more oomph as well as character, but is not quite as "fast" on top. To make sure my memory wasn't playing tricks with me, I rented the older one once more and A/B-ed it with mine. Yep, exactly what I thought I remembered.
I then very carefully opened both to see if I could find any obvious differences. Other than the white plastic capsule holder in mine (vs. black in the older one) the only difference I saw was one different colored cap viz. black vs. blue. Oh, and the miniature tube that is soldered in had long legs or contacts in the older one, so the tube wasn't in the way of other parts. In mine they were shorter and bent to make way.
Don't know if that cap has anything to with it, though. Maybe it's more likely a different tensioning of the membrane.

Perhaps Dirk could chime in? I think I've seen him here before.