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Originally Posted by mosrite
Thanks Gilliland,

As an HD24 user do you know what the score with their word clock is? On the Alesis site it mentions something about only clocking at 44.1 and 48khz but yet the machine is capable of a 96khz digital input is it not?
I'm not Jim, but yes, the HD24 is capable of digital input at 96khz, but only at 12 channels (SMUX, or whatever it's called, which uses each lightpipe for 4 channels). The HD24XR will record 24 channels at 96khz via analog and the converters are apparently much better, although I had no complaints from anyone about my recordings with the regular HD24. I regularly clock it externally with either a Grace Lunatec V3 or a Metric Halo MIO 2882.