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Old 28th November 2011
More On Australian ISP's Action Against Piracy

Internet providers unveil piracy crackdown plan - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Watching the major morning news today, the tech journalist being interviewed appeared to emphasize ISP's determination to limit their liability to future legal action taken against them by content owners. Interesting.

Another interesting comment in light of recent Gearslutz debate:

The boss of Exetel, a smaller ISP, says while the trial is encouraging, it is unnecessarily limited.

"It is a step in the right direction if Australia believes that the protection of property ownership from thieves is something that a civilised society should provide, but restricting the number of notices sent to 100 a month makes no sense at all," John Linton said...........
Mr Linton says smaller ISPs including Exetel have been taking this approach for seven years "without any cost to ourselves".

"Keeping track of to whom these notices have been sent is also a trivial cost to write the code and no cost to maintain records relating to this process," he said.
"Any statement to the contrary is simply lying nonsense."